What's in it for a Creative Hero?

For a Creative Hero, the benefits are:
Media attention; being recognised as an innovative and creative leader/contributor to a better world.
Becoming member of a relevant platform to further create sustainable positive impact.
Access to key partners and members of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce – Traders by Nature.
1 year free membership of the Traders By Nature Toastmasters Club
Presentation/exhibition during the Future Port Prague event, one of the the largest innovation events in Central and Eastern Europe.

Message from the founders

"We need more creatives in the Boardrooms of companies. Focusing on the much-needed power of creativity in society, we founded the Creative Heroes Award with this message in mind. Being an independent platform that focuses on the people behind sustainable positive impact, we set out to place creativity on a pedestal and create a relevant platform for creative professionals. 
We are very pleased this thinking has resonated in the Czech Republic, which, after The Netherlands, will be the second country in which the Creative Heroes Award event will take place."

Guus van Maarschalkerweerd, co-founder Creative Heroes Award.
”The Creative Heroes Award Czech Republic is organised by the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce – Traders by Nature.
"It is our mission to connect people to create a sustainable positive impact on people, society and the environment. The Creative Heroes Award programme is a perfect vehicle to make this happen across sectors in the Czech Republic."

Bastiaan Brouns, former director of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce.

History of the Creative Heroes Award

The first Creative Heroes Award event was held in 2018 in The Netherlands. The award initially focused on the Dutch Creative Industry. After two successful events, the third edition – planned for 2020 - had to be postponed and later canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
In 2021 the Creative Heroes Award was first introduced to the Czech Republic, where it was organized by the Netherlands Czech Chamber of Commerce. The Czech Creative Heroes Award focuses on the positive social impact that people can have on others, society and the environment. In 2023 the second edition was held and with the third edition being planned for 2024, we are aiming for a long and successful tradition.
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