Yearbook 2021

Creativity is essential for the realisation of a prosperous, sustainable and innovative society. The evening of the Creative Heroes Award ceremony, including the election of the Creative Superhero by the audience present, was a spontaneous celebration of creativity.
On 14 October 2021 at the ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav, the following five winners received awards in their respective categories of contribution to people, society and the environment.

Creative Superhero

Jitka Andrlikova - Forum pro prozitkove vzdelavani

kategorie 1 : 100 000
Jitka has very innovative visions and ideas on how to turn her personal experience into a tool for education where other pedagogical methods do not work so well. The focus is primarily on the use of interactive educational theatre resources for the prevention of socially problematic phenomena, such as bullying and cyberbullying, insufficient financial literacy, mental anorexia or childhood obesity and domestic violence.

Winners of other categories

kategorie 1 : 1 000 000 000
Based on a date-driven business model and fuelled by passion, Cyril and his team connect the digitization of the waste market with practical knowledge from the field. Cyril and his team managed to create a platform that connects companies in different European countries and match construction waste with actual demand, making closing cycles at local level possible. This saves scarce resources and CO2 emissions.

kategorie 1 : 1 000 000
Already since 2009, Josef is known for the effective use of 3D printing for many purposes. During the COVID pandemic they released their data for a special 3D printed face shield and used the Czech 3D printing community to print as many parts of it as possible to supply to local hospitals. They were among the first to make the most of their business for selfless help. At a time of critical shortage of equipment, they protected thousands of health workers.

kategorie 1 : 1 000
Replug me helps children, teachers, parents and the public to find a digital balance. Sociologist Karolína Presová has founded an organisation that leads children, teachers and parents to dialogue and mutual understanding instead of bans and restrictions on access to digital technologies. Replug me builds projects with a real and measurable impact. It strives to make Replug me an 70% economically self-sufficient organisation, thus raising awareness of social entrepreneurship as a healthy and balanced way of operating various projects.

kategorie 1 : 1
Marek changed his career to help kids with the Cystic Fybrosis disease, a disease that has been known for a long time. Marek and his team invented a totally different approach and changed the boring daily routine of kids to a game.

Ceremonial evening photo gallery

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