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14 October 2021

Creative heroes

The Creative Heroes Award celebrates the impact of creative thinking. It awards the people behind innovations that have sustainable positive impact on people, society, and the environment.
On 14 October 2021 the first Superhero and winners of the respective categories of the Creative Heroes Award Czech Republic were rewarded.
But the Creative Heroes Award knows no losers, everyone won. Superhero, categories winners and Gala evening gallery...

What is...

The creative industry?
The importance & value of the creative industry?
For many people, creativity is a vague concept that relates to the creation of original objects and ideas. The most important raw material is often knowledge, or information. ‘Innovation’ is also often mentioned in relationship with creativity.

The creative industry involves innovative or pioneering products, but also innovative production processes and business models. Creativity is more than just a useful product. The result of creativity often has a symbolic and/or societal value as well.

Creativity is crucial in realising a prosperous, sustainable and innovative society.
As a collection of various market-oriented cultural sectors – ranging from fashion to architecture and from gaming to dance – the creative industry is a source of applied creativity. The creative industry can understand complex issues and to present unexpected solutions, often using the latest technologies.

The creative industry is characterised by its dynamics: it is an excellent example of the booming network economy of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME), self-employed professionals and start-ups, in addition to a smaller number of larger organisations.

The creative industry understands complex (social) issues, represents ideas, creates innovations and offers solutions that - besides serving an economic interest - serve the interest of individuals, society or the environment
The creative industry is one of the sectors with the greatest impact in the Netherlands. In 2011, the Dutch government marked the Creative Industry as one of the nine top sectors to make the Netherlands more innovative. Through companies and the input from sciences, the government invests to strengthen the sector. The aim of the Dutch Government is for the Netherlands to have the most creative economy in Europe.

This strongly links with the ambition of the Czech government to become one of the most innovative nations in Europe, driven by the Country For The Future strategy.

The creative industry is one of the fastest growing and most influential sectors of the European economy. The power of the creative industry lies in its ability to innovate and create value: creative companies develop innovative ideas, products, services, systems, strategies and working methods. They can view complex issues and societal challenges in new ways and enable the development of high- quality innovations.

The creative industry reinforces the innovative capacity of a country. With its innovative strength and imaginative power, it can connect people, activate them and give them confidence in tomorrow’s world. The sector is a vital link in providing answers to major social issues and offering a meaningful sense to new technological possibilities.


“We need more creatives in the boardrooms of big companies” 
Creative Heroes Award Netherlands 2019 Jury President Taco Schmidt
To make maximum use of the capabilities of the creative sector, it is important to expand into other sectors of an economy. Cooperation between parties within and outside the creative industry is not always self-evident, neither in terms of content nor in terms of finance. Their worlds and work practices are approaching each other slowly, but a gap remains. Relevant insights and developments from the creative sector only find their way outside the sector occasionally.

The creative sector is the engine to inject innovation into business and society. There is still a world to win to incorporate creativity on a wider scale. We believe that the Creative Heroes Award plays a key role here.

Who is a Creative Hero?

Society is changing rapidly and needs flexible, responsive professionals with skills that suit the 21st century. A Creative Hero is the embodiment of the positive impact that has been realised. We believe that by rewarding the leading person, we reward the source of the new status quo or these people’s courage to stand up for a change in this world.

What is Impact?

Do the activities (now or soon) of the creative hero result in a change that represents a new positive status quo for people, the environment or society?
In addition to an economic interest (a new status quo must have a solid business case to have the right to exist), a new status quo must also serve people, the environment or society.



Who will be the nominees for the Award categories?
The Creative Heroes Award focuses on creativity that results in a tangible solution. A solution can be a physical commercial product, but also a digital product, a service, a building or a group movement.


1 : 1 Award

Impact on a personal scale
The delivery of the impact is to an individual; or to more than one individual, one by one. An example is the Dutch 2019 winner in this category, MindAffect, that developed software to enable people with locked-in syndrome to communicate with their loved ones.

1 : 1,000 Award

Impact on a local scale
The impact is on a smaller social structure, such as a school, a neighbourhood, an organisation or specific group. An example is the ShelterSuit by Bas Timmer: he employs Syrian refugees in The Netherlands to create wintergear from discarded fabric (fashion, tents, sleeping bags) for homeless people.

1 : 100,000 Award

Impact on a regional scale
Simone Post received the Creative Hero Award in this category for her design approach to residual waste. She combines traditional craftsmanship with a circular way of thinking and thus helps large companies to think differently and deal with residual waste in a better way.

1 : 1,000,000 Award

Impact on a national scale
Farm Flower Fragrances, by artist Claudy Jongstra, encourages farmers to grow a variety of crops, restoring ecological balance and returning colourful fields of flowers, bees and butterflies.  Hence, the completely organic and sustainably produced perfume gives an enormous boost to biodiversity. This combination won Claudy the Creative Hero Award in this category.

1 : 1,000,000,000 Award

Impact on an international scale
Bojan Slat and his Ocean Cleanup was the Dutch winner in 2017. In 2019, it was Lex Hoefsloot and his Lightyear One solar car that won in this category. Both Creative Heroes were also elected the Superheroes during the Award ceremony. The Lightyear One has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions, convert a lot of sun into kilometers and is self-sufficient for most of the year.




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