Hynek Bartík

/ Jury Member

Founder of senseZOOM and Partner in Crowdberry

Hynek has always emphasized the need to thoughtfully link marketing and sales. He has acted as a business developer and marketer focusing on both customers and sales people, making their lives easier with marketing. This somewhat uncommon, though successful approach has helped a number of major brands (Philips, Lukoil, P3) improve their performance, customer service and communication strategies.

In 2017, Hynek founded senseZOOM, a plug-and-play marketing team (not an agency) that provides out-of-house marketing solutions to companies across Europe, helping them to implement and execute their marketing strategies on a daily basis. 2017 was also the year Hynek joined Crowdberry, becoming its marketing and communications partner, and helping grow the brand in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
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