Kateřina Tygl

/ Jury Member

Marketing consultant and mentor. Founder of the Women in Business community.

Kateřina has been working on online projects and marketing since 2011. She has worked for companies such as L'Oréal and Digimind, where she led the marketing department from Paris with offices in the US, Singapore, France, and Morocco. From her own business, Stario is a digital agency where she was co-founder and CEO. She now helps clients set up their marketing.

She founded the Women in Business platform, which supports and connects female entrepreneurs, managers, and freelancers. She organises the Women in Business conference with Alena Barna.

Kateřina as well builds her own project focused on detabualizing women's intimate health and intimacy in general. The first pillar is breathable underwear that is also sexy under the brand la malina. Next is the Intim market or online confessional.
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