Vojtěch koval

/ Jury Member

Podcaster, podcast producer, presenter and lecturer

His experience with the spoken word was gained mainly during his seven years at Czech Radio, where he started in the domestic editorial office, co-founded the science and technology magazine Experiment in 2018 and later produced the science podcast Future R. Thanks to this he also got to the topic of sustainability and circular economy, which he has been working on (among others) until now. In 2021, he decided to go freelance and try his luck as a podcaster and podcast producer with a pompous mission to improve the (technical and content) quality of the Czech podcast scene. He is working on this with, among others, David Vanicek's podcast studio Radost. Currently, he is publishing his podcast on sustainability, LOOPA by Vojta Koval, on which he collaborates with CIRA Advisory, for ŠKODA AUTO he hosts and produces SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST on digital technologies in the automotive industry and under the umbrella of the Czech Invest agency and the Ministry of Transport, together with Honza Spratek, he publishes the podcast Czech Space News on (not only) Czech space endeavours. And as a podcast producer, he is a signatory of the BlueGhost Update podcast, which won the award for corporate podcast in the WebTop100 competition in 2021.
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