Petr Zelenka

/ Jury Member

Founder & CEO Hackerly at PWC

Petr is the founder of the international coaching company Hackerly (in a so-called Joint Business Relationship with PwC), specializing in organizational design, development of leaders, teams and corporate culture.

He led agile transformations for Philip Morris CEE and HomeCredit and worked in 8 countries for companies such as MSD, Philips, ING, Ikea and T-Mobile.

Not only as a Google Mentor, he trains, coaches and consults - over 5,000 people from startups to corporations have already passed through Petr's programmes.

He has recently developed a unique Peer Coaching method that allows people to learn together / from each other in small groups, build a strong network, relationships and individually develop leadership and soft skills in themselves and their teams.

Petr's mission today is "to make top leadership development accessible to everyone."
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